1: Fermented Foods: A Global Journey Discover the origins of 10 delicious fermented foods from around the world.

2: Kimchi – South Korea Learn how this spicy fermented cabbage dish has been enjoyed for centuries in South Korea.

3: Sauerkraut – Germany Explore the history of sauerkraut, a tangy fermented cabbage dish popular in German cuisine.

4: Kombucha – China Uncover the ancient origins of kombucha, a fizzy fermented tea first brewed in China.

5: Miso – Japan Delve into the rich culture of Japan through the traditional fermented soybean paste known as miso.

6: Yogurt – Middle East Take a journey to the Middle East and taste the creamy goodness of traditional fermented yogurt.

7: Kefir – Caucasus Region Discover the probiotic benefits of kefir, a tangy fermented milk drink enjoyed in the Caucasus region.

8: Tempeh – Indonesia Learn how tempeh, a nutty fermented soybean cake, has been a staple in Indonesian cuisine for centuries.

9: Sourdough Bread – Europe Experience the artisanal tradition of sourdough bread, a tangy fermented loaf beloved throughout Europe.

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