1: Myth: Kids won't like Mediterranean food. Fact: Children can enjoy healthy and delicious Mediterranean meals.

2: Myth: Mediterranean diet is expensive for families. Fact: Budget-friendly options like fruits, veggies, and grains are key.

3: Myth: Kids won't get enough protein on this diet. Fact: Legumes, nuts, and fish provide ample protein for growing kids.

4: Myth: Mediterranean diet is too complex to follow. Fact: Simple meals with fresh ingredients can make it easy.

5: Myth: Kids will only eat pizza and pasta. Fact: Expose them to a variety of Mediterranean dishes for better nutrition.

6: Myth: Mediterranean diet is not suitable for picky eaters. Fact: Get creative with presentation and involve kids in meal prep.

7: Myth: Children need dairy for strong bones. Fact: Calcium-rich foods like leafy greens and beans can do the job.

8: Myth: Kids will miss out on sweets and treats. Fact: Fresh fruits, honey, and yogurt can satisfy their sweet tooth.

9: Myth: Mediterranean diet is not kid-friendly. Fact: With some adjustments, this nutritious diet can be enjoyed by children.

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