1: 1. Eclectus Parrot: Vibrant emerald plumage. 2. Quetzal: Long green tail feathers. 3. Green Jay: Bright lime and turquoise.

2: 4. Green-throated Carib: Beautiful iridescent green. 5. African Green Broadbill: Unique lime and olive. 6. Golden-headed Quetzal: Stunning leaf-green body.

3: 7. Jambu Fruit Dove: Subtle mossy green. 8. Green Honeycreeper: Brilliant emerald coloring. 9. Malachite Kingfisher: Gorgeous teal and emerald.

4: 10. Green Magpie: Striking green and black. 11. Green-throated Mango: Flashy iridescence. 12. Red-and-green Macaw: Breathtaking emerald hue.

5: 13. Green Wood Hoopoe: Vibrant yellow-green beak. 14. Green-winged Macaw: Bright green and red. 15. Hooded Parrot: Stunning emerald crown.

6: 16. Reddish-green Kingfisher: Striking turquoise accents. 17. Red-vented Bulbul: Beautiful olive-green plumage. 18. White-fronted Parrot: Bright green back.

7: 19. Red-crowned Parrot: Lush green underparts. 20. White-tailed Trogon: Elegant mint green belly. 21. Green Turaco: Vibrant green and red plumage.

8: 22. Bronze-winged Parrot: Glorious jade-green body. 23. Green Iora: Bright lime and olive-green. 24. Green Imperial Pigeon: Gorgeous emerald coloring.

9: 25. Green Aracari: Striking yellow-green plumage. 26. Green Pigeon: Stunning emerald green. 27. Bornean Green Magpie: Brilliant lime and turquoise feathers.

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