1: 1. Wake up early 2. Hydrate with water 3. Stretch or exercise gently

2: 4. Meditate or practice gratitude 5. Have a healthy breakfast 6. Journal or set intentions for the day

3: 7. Plan your day ahead 8. Listen to motivating music or podcast 9. Get some fresh air or sunlight

4: 10. Read something inspiring 11. Connect with loved ones or pets 12. Review your goals and affirmations

5: 13. Take deep breaths or practice mindfulness 14. Write down three things you're grateful for 15. Practice a hobby or creative activity

6: 16. Do a quick clean-up or organize a space 17. Learn something new or listen to a podcast 18. Practice positive affirmations or mantras

7: 19. Brainstorm or jot down new ideas 20. Listen to calming music or sounds 21. Review your appointments and tasks for the day

8: 22. Stretch or do some gentle yoga 23. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee 24. Check-in with your emotions and thoughts

9: 25. Reflect on the previous day 26. Set specific goals for the day 27. Get dressed in clothes that make you feel good

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