1: 1. Better Call Saul: A gripping prequel to Breaking Bad 2. Fear the Walking Dead: Explore the zombie apocalypse from a new angle

2: 3. The Witcher: Dive into a world of monsters and magic 4. Star Trek: Picard: Follow the iconic captain on a new adventure

3: 5. Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid's rivalry reignites in this epic series 6. The Mandalorian: Bounty hunting in a galaxy far, far away

4: 7. Angel: Join a vampire with a soul in LA 8. The Flash: Speed into action with this superhero series

5: 9. Law & Order: SVU: Delve into the dark side of New York City 10. Better Things: A comedic look at a single mother's life

6: 11. Frasier: Cheers spinoff follows the witty psychiatrist 12. Xena: Warrior Princess: Action-packed adventures in ancient Greece

7: 13. The Simpsons: A hilarious look at the dysfunctional family 14. Torchwood: Doctor Who's secret organization fights aliens

8: 15. Chicago PD: Intense crime drama set in the Windy City 16. The Originals: Vampire Diaries spinoff with a darker twist

9: 17. Daria: The animated misfit navigates high school 18. The Good Fight: Legal drama with a strong female lead

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