1: Rare bicentennial quarter, valued at nearly $90 million, turns up in circulation.

2: Five more rare bicentennial quarters worth over $40 million each discovered.

3: Collector's delight: 1976 bicentennial quarter fetches a staggering $90 million.

4: Unearthed: collection of five rare bicentennial quarters valued at over $40 million each.

5: Numismatic jackpot: one rare bicentennial quarter worth nearly $90 million surfaces.

6: Discoveries unfold with five more rare bicentennial quarters valued over $40 million.

7: Rarity strikes: valuable bicentennial quarter estimated at nearly $90 million found.

8: 1976 bicentennial quarter bonanza as five more coins discovered worth over $40 million.

9: Rare finds: bicentennial quarter collection soars with coins nearly $90 million each.

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