1: "Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo" - "I don't suffer fools, DiNozzo" - "Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs" - "On the never-ever jerk list" - "I have a boss"

2: "Here's how I work, you thumb-sucking muppet" - "Sorry, dinosaur, you're extinct" - "I'm a kook, not crazy" - "You should see me naked"

3: "Why don't you go knit something?" - "Probie's not such a horrible term" - "Workplace hazard" - "My brain thinks it's psychic"

4: "You're as useful as a windsock on a submarine" - "I know everything about Ziva" - "Who are you and what did you do with my partner?"

5: "Well, you should be" - "A little less Trent Kort and a little more DiNozzo" - "It's a Marine thing, isn't it?" - "Erin Andrews is going to kill me"

6: "It's DiNozzo" - "I'm problematic" - "Two very good reasons. And two thousand others" - "Thanks, Ziva. I thought you hated me"

7: "OMG. She's alive" - "Gibbs is not a snapper. He's more of a puncher" - "I missed my calling" - "No goodbye, just goodnight"

8: "Let me grab my coat" - "Mystery dude" - "What idiot put you in charge?" - "You just made my day"

9: "Sign of the Apocalypse" - "Hallelujah chorus" - "Trouble at home. Trouble in life. No kidding" - "Just don't expect me to sleep. Ever"

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