1: Authorities at Lake Mead seek 2 suspects for damaging rock formations. Help identify the vandals!

2: Security footage shows visitors defacing ancient rocks. Report any information to Lake Mead officials immediately.

3: Damaging historical sites is a federal offense. Suspects could face severe penalties for their actions.

4: Preserve the beauty of Lake Mead by respecting its natural wonders. Help protect the environment for future generations.

5: Report suspicious behavior to park rangers and authorities. Together, we can keep Lake Mead safe from vandals.

6: Join efforts to maintain the integrity of ancient rock formations at Lake Mead. Let's work together to prevent vandalism.

7: Help authorities find the individuals responsible for defacing precious natural landmarks. Justice must be served for this crime.

8: Let's ensure that Lake Mead remains a pristine and unspoiled destination for all visitors to enjoy. Protect its beauty.

9: Take a stand against vandalism and help preserve the history and beauty of Lake Mead. Together, we can make a difference.

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