1: "Kelly McCreary bids farewell to Grey's Anatomy after 9 seasons. Fans are sad to see her go."

2: "McCreary's character Dr. Maggie Pierce has been a beloved part of the show since season 10."

3: "Her departure leaves fans wondering how the show will continue without her."

4: "McCreary's acting talent and dedication to her role will be greatly missed by the cast and crew."

5: "The actress has expressed gratitude for her time on the show and the impact it has had on her career."

6: "Fans can expect an emotional farewell for McCreary's character as her storyline wraps up."

7: "McCreary's departure marks a significant change for the long-running medical drama."

8: "As Grey's Anatomy moves forward, fans will remember McCreary's time on the show with fondness."

9: "Kelly McCreary's exit leaves a void in Grey's Anatomy, but her talent and presence will not be forgotten."

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