1: Discover 5 NCIS locations with Michael Weatherly. From Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, explore the real-life settings of this hit TV show.

2: Venture to Quantico, Virginia, home of the NCIS headquarters. Walk in the footsteps of Special Agent Tony DiNozzo and see where the magic happens.

3: Visit the Naval Yard in Washington, D.C., where NCIS agents investigate crimes. Feel like a part of the team with Michael Weatherly as your guide.

4: Head to Gibbs' basement at the NCIS headquarters in D.C. See where Special Agent Gibbs and his team gather to solve the toughest cases.

5: Travel to Los Angeles and explore the NCIS office. Get a behind-the-scenes look at where Special Agents DiNozzo and Gibbs work their magic.

6: Step into the squad room at NCIS headquarters in D.C. Experience the energy of the team as they work together to solve crimes with Michael Weatherly.

7: Make your way to the NCIS lab in Los Angeles. See where the team analyzes evidence and solves cases with Michael Weatherly as your tour guide.

8: Take a stroll through the NCIS morgue in Washington, D.C. Discover where Ducky and Palmer examine bodies to uncover crucial clues.

9: Join Michael Weatherly on a journey to the NCIS crime scene room in D.C. Explore where the team pieces together evidence to crack the case.

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