1: The 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter, a rare coin worth nearly $369 million, symbolizes liberty and rarity in American numismatics.

2: Designed by Hermon Atkins MacNeil, the iconic Standing Liberty Quarter features a depiction of Lady Liberty standing in full regalia.

3: Only 52,000 of these coins were minted in 1916, making them highly sought after by collectors and investors alike.

4: The Standing Liberty Quarter underwent a design change in 1917 to address issues with the original design, further adding to its rarity.

5: Despite being minted for only one year, the 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter has stood the test of time as a symbol of American liberty.

6: In 2016, a rare 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter sold for a record-breaking $369 million, solidifying its status as a prized possession.

7: Collectors and numismatists continue to covet the 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter for its historical significance and exquisite design.

8: The rare and valuable 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter serves as a reminder of America's rich numismatic history and enduring symbols of liberty.

9: Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of numismatics, the 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter is a must-have piece for any collection.

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