1: Discover the top high-fiber fruits for weight loss recommended by a gastroenterologist. Boost your health with these delicious options!

2: Apples are a great source of fiber and can aid in weight loss. Enjoy them whole or in a delicious fruit salad.

3: Pears are filled with fiber and can help you feel full for longer. Add them to your diet for a healthy boost.

4: Berries are not only tasty but also high in fiber. Choose from strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries for a sweet treat.

5: Avocados are a unique fruit packed with fiber and healthy fats. Enjoy them on toast or in a tasty guacamole for a satisfying snack.

6: Oranges are a citrus fruit that is high in fiber and can aid in weight loss. Peel one for a refreshing and nutritious bite.

7: Bananas are a convenient and fiber-rich fruit that can help you stay full and reach your weight loss goals. Add them to your morning smoothie or enjoy as a quick snack.

8: Mangoes are a delicious tropical fruit that is high in fiber. Enjoy them on their own or in a fruity salsa for a burst of flavor.

9: Kiwi is a small but mighty fruit packed with fiber. Add it to your diet for a refreshing and nutrient-rich boost to aid in weight loss.

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