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2: Learn how these rare coins, known as the 1804 Silver Dollar, are among the most sought-after by collectors worldwide.

3: Explore the history of these valuable coins, including how they were originally minted and circulated in the 19th century.

4: Find out why these three pennies are considered such a rare find and how their value has skyrocketed over the years.

5: Uncover the secrets behind the 1804 Silver Dollar and why it remains one of the most coveted coins in numismatic history.

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7: Learn about the auctions and sales that have taken place over the years, with these coins fetching record-breaking prices.

8: Understand the significance of owning one of these three pennies and how they continue to captivate the interest of collectors worldwide.

9: Join the ranks of coin enthusiasts and collectors in marveling at the incredible story of the three pennies from the 1800s worth 700 million USD.

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